Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Time for a New Post!

Hi all,

We have the builders in at home, it's causing a bit of havoc as you can imagine. All the windows have been replaced so the contents of every single room have had to be boxed and covered and we're also having new back doors and a conservatory...thankfully we're nearly there! The best bit of all? I will have more room for crafting :)

Anyhow, we've also been busy adding quite a few new products to the website, lots of lovely new templates from PCA, they've added a couple of new ball tools too in different sizes....they are brilliant and fill in the gaps in the sizing really nicely.


Lots of lovely new templates too!

I think we'v added about 12 different templates in all ....take a look

They make lovely cards, here are couple of examples that Lindy from PCA made

 PCA templates      PCA templates    aren't they beautiful!

If you are new to Parchment Craft, don't forget you can also use a pattern to make your card and we have a lovely selection on our website, including some lovely Christmas Patterns from Pauline Loweth

 Pauline Loweth Christmas Patterns     Pauline Loweth Christmas Patterns

Take a look, I think you'll love all of these!

All for now,



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