Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's more fun on the move

Isn't new technology great? I can sit here and type on Mum's shiny new blackberry. So much quicker than using the PC.
Which is a good job really, as we are being kept busy with some exciting new deliveries!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring = crafty goodness


It's been a long time coming but Spring is finally here! After what seems like weeks of hibernation the sunshine has restored my creative mojo. Of course, some new products always help and I've been trying out the latest products from Flowersoft.


The new Ultrafine is far more subtle than the original Flowersoft, and is great for doing cute outlines on cuddly bears, or for adding little details to the new recipe cards. It comes in some delicious colours and I think it would be great for adding texture to other projects as well. In the original Flowersoft is the new autumn range, which is a beautiful mixed orange and works with the new 'Autumn' and 'Oriental' cards.

I've been really impressed with these new products and love the results!



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