Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

By now your advent calendars are half open and eaten if its a chocolate one.
Hopefully all your cards are made with a few too spare.
Some posted to far off places to friends you have never met.
Turkey's on order, sprouts already picked.

But have you checked your address book?

Make sure all your friends addresses are correct and complete, because after all the effort you have taken to make your cards and gifts, it would be a shame if they didnt arrive in the condition that they left you. Dont blame the Postie it probably wasn't his fault.

Here at Wightcat Crafts we are sending out Parcels nearly every day, most of them arrive and usually in the condition it was posted. I have just spent a few days at our local Sorting Office, where they are stretched to capacity with the Christmas post, (35000 2nd class letters in just one day).
Most letters are correctly address with a postcode making sorting easy, but there is a large amount that have wrong or missing Postcodes. Some letters are just adressed to "Fred & Jane" one I saw was address as follows:

"Miss Anne Jones (dont know your married name)
Nr Stroud
dont know Postcode"

You may well laugh but its more common than you may think.

So remember to check your addresses before you post your Cards.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Magazine "Making Gifts"

The new magazine from the publishers of
Issue 1 available now from Wightcat Crafts

Where's to Time Gone

Just noticed thats its been months since I've posted on the Blog, must remember to do it more often, usualy put updates on twitter see

Will try to do better


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