Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Have you seen this page?

My first published page - in this month's Scrapbook Inspirations magazine (page 82). It feels like such a long time ago - the photos are of our holiday last August, I created the page in October, and I answered the call for publication about 3 months ago!
It's a really simple way to show off several photos - none of them were enough for a single-photo page. A good tip for holiday photos (of which I had about 500) is to go through and arrange them according to topic - so although these pictures were all taken on different days and in different places, they all came under the 'transport' heading, which made planning my pages much easier.
Using lots of photos can be tricky, but by overlapping them like this they don't overwhelm the page. Mount the photos on contrasting card or paper, and trim it to a very thin border (mine is probably a fraction of an inch). This gives it just enough to 'stand out' from the page, without overwhelming the other photos.
Yes, those are original tram tickets in there - I know they're not acid free, but by mounting my photos on acid-free paper, this protects them from the tickets. If you're really worried about preservation, you could always use plastic pockets or laminate your items (though remember that some tickets are printed on thermal paper so you must use cold laminating pouches).
The title was handcut from funky foam - we have a great selection of this in the shop, but I do like neutral colours for effective titles, especially as the green on this page is so vivid. The green felt flower was also handmade, so I could cut it to exactly the right size for my page. If you're not so keen on the hand-cutting, there are plenty of ready-made flowers for you to choose from.
Have a go at doing some multi-photo pages for your summer album!
Kate x

Monday, July 09, 2007

One and two

One set of papers, two different looks.

This beautiful nautical paper forms the basis for our next workshop - this Saturday. They're not just photo frames, they're mini albums as well. A choice of accent colours means it's really easy to achieve a unique look to suit your photos. I think Mindy looks particularly chic in this black and white picture :)

Kate x


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