Monday, April 03, 2017

We do Relax Sometimes!


Just we would share some of our pictures with you!

We've had the first really sunny weekend of the year and as we had the afternoon out in the sunshine we thought we'd share a couple of our pictures, just to show that we do have a break sometimes and we hope you had a lovely weekend too

We went to Cowes, one of our many favourite places on the Island, it's overlooking the Solent and you can just see Fawley in the distance, the entrance to Southampton Water just out of the picture on the right. As you can imagine, there are always plenty of boats on this stretch of water and we like to watch all the activity.

I love living so close to the sea, I grew up by the sea and it's always been a part of my life and even though we have a longer journey to cross that stretch of water so many times in the year when we go all our shows, knowing that we will be back on the Island afterwards makes it all worth while

it's our sanctuary, our haven.

This time of year when the weather starts to brighten and there are very few tourists, it's as though we can be the tourists ourselves and this afternoon we had our daughter's lovely company and bought fish and chips to eat whilst watching the world go by. 

It's very peaceful watching the water and listening to the sea.

Here we are, back in the car refreshed, if a little windswept!

Now I'm going to add some new templates and a lovely new book by Clarity to our website, the artwork has been designed by Tina Cox so I know it's going to be a 'best seller'!

Thank you for reading this, have a great week!

Hilary xx


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