Saturday, September 17, 2016

Parchment Lace - Design Team


In following Wightcat Crafts pursuits to encourage and promote Parchment Craft, my latest news is that I am thrilled to be on the Design Team for the Parchment Lace Magazine.

Not only that, I have been invited to be the Resident Parchment Expert and have a Question and Answer Page in the latest magazine, so if you have any questions that you would like answered in the magazine please let me know.

Have you seen the latest issue?  It has been completely re-vamped and is looking really good.  There are some fabulous designs in this issue.


You also get a free grid on the cover and the card below is the project I designed with the new grid (included with the magazine)

Along with other popular publications, Wightcat Crafts stocks Parchment Lace Magazine

Please add any comments below or questions you would like answered in the magazine

Thanks and have a great weekend
Hilary x

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What do you use for your Colouring?

We have a selection of colouring markers for you to choose from, and they all work brilliantly on all your card making and parchment as well

Not only that, but we sell them most of them individually so you can try a few first and then add to your collection whenever you like.

Tim Holtz - DistressMarkers

These are water based and double ended, with a brush tip one end and a fine point the other end.
Ranger Distress Markers

There's about 80 different colours of these lovely 'Real Brush' pens. They are water based and actually have a proper paintbrush so you can blend these colours beautifully. Again sold individually so you can try just a few of these wonderful colours.

Of course, I can't do an article about colouring without mentioning one of our favourites for colouring. These Polychromos pencils are the BEST, they are artist quality oil based pencils, they blend well together and you can blend them with oil to make fabulous backgrounds as well.  Again we sell them individually so you can try a few first. We also sell them in sets.

These are water based and double ended, with a bullet tip one end and a fine point the other end. They come in a box of 30 lovely colours.

Pergamano Perga Colours

Happy Crafting
Hilary x

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Parchment Craft Magazine

Really excited!

To see my latest Parchment design is on the Front Cover of the latest issue of the Parchment Craft Magazine... .eeeek, what a wonderful surprise to see it there!!

Of course, if you would like a copy you will find it on our website :)

Happy Crafting
Hilary x

Friday, June 17, 2016

Easy Emboss Stained Glass Templates

Thought I'd show you a few examples of the lovely Stained Glass EasyEmboss Templates from PCA. Like all the templates they are really versatile and you can infill them and just use parts of them, mixing and matching as you go.

What a great way to do your parchment!  You can find them all here on our website

So here's the Daisies template, the first picture is just how it looks when you have used the template to make your outline on your parchment paper, and the second picture is coloured using FaberCastell Polychromos pencils, some have been blended on the back with Dorso oil and then the colour has been enhanced on the front.

Here are some more examples of some of the other templates

So many different ways of using these templates


Here are 2 examples of the same template, completely different styles. These two butterfly cards were made by Karen from our design team. The card on the left had been infilled with traditional gridwork and the butterflies have been worked separately and layered as 3D

There are more templates available here if you make any cards from them, please send us a picture we would love to see it :)

Happy Crafting

Hilary x

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A little Parchment Craft Video for you

Today we have something a little special for you
For anyone struggling to use a grid for their Parchment Craft or would just like to know how to use one, I have made a little video for you

Here is the link:  Parchment Bows using a Grid

Of course, you can purchase any of the supplies needed from Wightcat Crafts

If you have any questions, or just like the video please leave me some comments :)



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