Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pop-ups with a twist

Pop-up cards always look stunning, but I always find the measuring and cutting quite complicated. These new trinitage pop-ups, though, make it so much easier.

There are just three layers of decoupage, separated with a simple tube. You can see a video about them here.

And of course, you don't have to create a pop-up card at all. You could use the decoupage images on any style of card you want.

So, for an easy way to impress people with your card-making construction skills, there are eight fabulous scenes to choose from here!

Kate x


Sally-Ann said...

I love the cards, and will probably buy some.

May I ask a question? In the background there are shelves with what looks like wooden shapes. Are these items you sell too?

Crafts at Wightcat said...

Hi Sally-Ann
Thanks for the comment
The shelves are holding wooden letters, we sell in them instore but we dont have the on our website at the moment.


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