Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Inspiration :: No. 3

We were out and about enjoying the sunshine at Ventnor Botanic Gardens, when we discovered an exhibion by the Vectis Quilters. Even if you don't quilt, you can't help but be impressed by the bright designs and colourful patterns.

Some of them were amazing geometric designs, while others were full of quirky details:

This one had the most amazing hand-stitching....someone obviously has a lot of patience! I love the effect of the variegated thread. (This is also the quilt used as the background on their homepage).

I have enough hobbies already, I don't need to start quilting. But there are definitely some ideas here for other projects with paper...
~ k ~

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Buttonsetc said...

One of my Calligraphy teachers in Ottawa used hand made papers to make paper quilts on which she wrote messages - beautiful. Blocks of stitched papers can be used on cards


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