Monday, April 05, 2010

A quick and easy card

a quick and easy card

Ever need a card in a hurry? I have been making a stash of quick and easy cards that I thought I'd share with you. Simple designs are the best!

For this one, all you need is some paper scraps. Cut into strips that are not quite as wide as your card blank, and around 1.5 inches high. The beauty of this card is that it doesn't matter if they are not even or exact.

Ink the edges of each strip. I find this makes such a difference and really makes your card look great. These chalk inks are great for this as the small pads are easy to handle and they dry quickly.

Arrange the strips on the card blank, deliberately making them slightly askew. This saves you having to line them up evenly. Use a strong pattern in the middle of the card, and choose two or three other papers to repeat, bringing the design together.

Layer some paper flowers together and secure them with a brad. Two or three flowers together gives a fuller effect. Secure these to the card. If you don't want to poke a hole in the card to put the brad through, just use a glue dot or some double sided tape instead.

Create your greeting. I like to use my own handwriting on a strip of co-ordinating cardstock. If you don't like your handwriting, you could use a stamp or a peel-off instead. Ink the edges of the cardstock strip and adhere to the card, tucking it behind the flowers. Of course, you could always leave the greeting blank and just fill it in when you're ready to use the card.

And there you have it! A quick card to use up your scraps.

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