Tuesday, July 10, 2012

PCA templates

I have started using the new PCA Templates, and they are so easy to use. This sample above is using the pansies from Christine Colemans pattern pack 31 using one of my favourite colouring techniques, dry pencil colouring with  fabercastell polychromos pencils  and then I used several of the PCA templates to do the surrounding border.

I used TP3102E which is a variety of different sized ovals....this one is great to be able to emboss an oval all in one go without any glitches!

Then I used the Scrolled Rectangle border TP3117E, this is the 2 outer rounded corner rectangles with the scrolls in the middle, again it has various sizes, so you could use it in the middle of a card too if you wanted.

Then I filled in with cross hatching, again using another template, Fine Cross Hatch Diagonal, TP3151E and VOILA!! My card was finished :)  Hope you like it!

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