Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Polka dot decoupage cards

These decoupage flowers are some of our new stock for January. They are die-cut and super quick to assemble.
Because they are so simple, at first I couldn't think how to arrange them on the card without any kind of background shape or element.
Then I realised that actually, this was perfect for me to add my own backgrounds and greetings, and make a much more varied range of cards.
I love how this banner looks like it's floating, but actually it's just using silicone glue instead of 3D pads. (Shameful crafting admission: I've only just started using silicone glue, that stuff scared me!)

You might also notice that these cards have a watermark on. There are so many websites out there that take images and use them as their own - and even places like Pinterest where people blog images without the original source - that I felt it was about time I laid claim to my own work. I really hope that these images inspire you to get creative. And if you post your own work online, you can find out how to make your own watermark brush in Photoshop here

I've also been trying out the Art Deco Decoupage that's new in the shop...that'll be up on the blog tomorrow!

Kate x

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