Sunday, November 06, 2011

Saturdays are made for crafting

Guess where I've been today?
At the craft table
My Saturdays usually involve lying in, cleaning, shopping and visiting Gran. Today I took a break from my normal schedule to spend the afternoon at the shop. I often pop in on my lunch break, but this week I moved to a new office that's a bit further away and so I think my lunchtime breaks might be less frequent for a while. It's a whole five minutes' walk away instead of three.

But the best thing about spending the whole afternoon in the shop is that I can take advantage of the nice clear worktable, and try out some of the products in stock. Like this Hunkydory Treasure Box:

The finished product
I won't lie, there were a few issues putting this together. Mainly due to my lack of preparation and missing the bit that said 'Read all instructions before starting'. I think if you followed this wise advice, you'd probably find it a lot easier. Also, the instruction sheet has two sides. Just saying :)

The box is so cute, though, I forgave it all the trouble. It comes with everything, including a card to go on the top, and a gift box to put it all in. I'm thinking a Christmas present, perhaps....?

Thanks for sharing my Saturday!


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