Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Tree

Since putting my Ribbon Tree up in the shop window we've had lots of people asking about it so I thought I'd pop a few pictures up for you all to see...its really easy to make and you can do it with glittery ribbons like I did, or you could cut strips of pretty papers to use instead.

All you need is a Polystyrene cone ... (cones, & ribbons available from our shop). I painted the cone first, that way if you miss a few places it will still look pretty. Below, you will find a few simple instructions and if you need any help, just place a comment and we will reply.

Depending on how close you pin your ribbons you will need around 13-14 metres of ribbon. Cut these into 4 inch (about 10 cm strips). Very gently mark a line around the base of the cone about an inch up from the can just about see it in the picture, then fold your ribbons and pin around the cone (I used 2 pins for each piece of ribbon)

Gradually work up the cone leaving about an inch between layers and finish with a little cone on the top (see finished tree picture)

Hope you enjoy making this, have fun :)
Hilary x

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