Friday, July 17, 2009

“Magic of Childhood Summer Holidays”

Most of the Schools are breaking up today, unless you live north of the border where they have already broken up.

But do Kids today have as much fun as we all did when we were kids?

Everybody says that your Childhood years are the happiest and that you should make the most of them. In some ways it is true, when you are a child you don’t have the worries and responsibilities that you do when you’re an Adult. When we were young the world wasn’t as materialistic as it is now, it didn’t matter if you didn’t have the latest computer game.

I don’t remember it raining during my summer holidays, maybe that’s because I am wearing rose tinted glasses, or maybe its because I am a child of the 60’s & 70’s when summers were long, hot and sunny and consisted of messing about with your mates.

For me it was playing the garden making tents with mums clothes horse and a couple of sheets, playing cowboys and Indians with cap guns and water pistols made from washing up bottles (those were the days of Blue Peter and Magpie), climbing trees or the garden shed which also doubled as a den. When older it was messing about along side the Canal that ran through the Village, even though it was off limits. I loved going for long bike rides all around the local villages, or cycling to Southport, spending the day riding along the seafront and the beach. Those were the golden years; I remember watching the Apollo missions, especially the Moon landing whilst on Holiday in Blackpool. Summer treats if you behaved during the holidays like going to the Farnborough Airshow or the Edinburgh Tattoo.

Life was a lot simpler, all about exploring and creativity.

So if you want to try and capture some of the “Magic of Childhood Summer Holidays” why not spend a few days at the Beach. I can recommend the Isle of Wight which has some of the Best beaches in the UK. There is Appley (Ryde) only a stones throw from Portsmouth, or Yaverland & Sandown just a short train trip from Ryde, or Gurnard & Cowes if you are travelling from Southampton. If you have time to stay longer then there is Alum Bay, The Needles or Bembridge. Not to mention all the beaches along the back of the Wight between Ventnor and Freshwater ideal for surfing. If the beach isn’t for you then there are Adventure parks at Robin Hill and Blackgang Chine, or the breath taking countryside of Tennyson & Mottistone Downs. If it Grand Houses that you prefer then we have Osborne House, home of Queen Victoria and we even have a Castle at Carisbrooke where King Charles I, spent his last days.

But the best place to visit is Wightcat Crafts where you can explore and let us bring out your creativity.

I have but together things that means Childhood Summer Holidays to check it and see if you agree.
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