Saturday, July 05, 2008

Twisted Pyramid Decoupage using Cuttlebug

I thought I'd share with you some cards that I made for my cousins and auntie. They came over to visit us all the way from Venezuela (thats in South America btw) and my Gran wanted to give them something to take back with them, so a little commission came my way.

I used the new stack-its that we had come in, they are a very nifty way to create cards. You get the effect of 3D decoupage but instead of fiddly cutting out you can trim the squares up on your guillotine. Something we have also found out is that although the pictures are numbered from 1 to 10 on the sheet, you can create 2 separate cards simply by stacking all the odd numbers together and all the even numbers together. This is especially good because we are always conscious of postage costs these days!!!

For the background I whipped out the cuttlebug (I dont need much of an excuse to get it out!!!) and used the embossing folders. Its just so simple! I love it, and so did my Gran!!

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