Saturday, August 18, 2007

scrapbooking my life

One of the biggest debates in the scrapbooking world is what you scrap. Do you scrap the big occasions, the birthdays, holidays, weddings, births....or do you use your scrapbook to record the little things, little stories, quirks, odd moments that aren't really a special event, but make you happy and are worth recording?

I think for me, everything is worth recording. I don't scrap chronologically (in that I don't stack my photos up and say "well, I can't work on this pile until I've finished that pile"). I organise my photos by theme, or by occasion (whichever works best....that's a post for another day) and I make pages about the things that I feel are important or interesting. Sometimes I scrap about what we did, sometimes I scrap about how I feel.

That's what I love about this hobby: there are no rights and wrongs. If something works for YOU - then that's all it needs to do. There are so many different styles and formats, so many different papers to play's easy to get overwhelmed. So just remember that you are doing this for you - and there is no-one else you have to please.

kate x

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